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Passiontech BK208 Dog Perimeter Shock Collar Anti-bark Collar Pet Training Ultrasonic and Electric Shock for Dogs CE
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Passiontech BK208 Dog Perimeter Shock Collar Anti-bark Collar Pet Training Ultrasonic and Electric Shock for Dogs CE, View anti-bark collar dog perimeter shock collar, Customized anti-bark collar Details from ElectronicFencing Co., Ltd.
Passiontech BK208 Dog Perimeter Shock Collar Anti-bark Collar Pet Training Ultrasonic and Electric Shock for Dogs CE
Packaging Details 1* anti-bark collar; 1* Screwdriver; 1* Testing light; 2* Sets of metal probes; 2* 1.5V battery; 1* Owner s manual

Passiontech BK208 dog perimeter shock collar anti-bark collar


The anti-bark collar does not activate until 15 second after you turn the anti-bark collar on this allows you to fit and adjust the anti-bark collar on the dog without it being activated.


* Passiontech BK208 dog perimeter shock collar anti-bark collar;

* Factory price;

* OEM ODM are available.


Main Features

* Passiontech BK208 dog perimeter shock collar anti-bark collar;

* Humane - Electric shock followed by ultrasonic only if barking persists;

* Automatically increases ultrasonic and shock stimuli as barking persists;

* Microprocessor controlled using 2 standard 1.5V battery. Effective on dogs from 5 lbs to 150 lbs;

* Voice recognition feature to minimize triggering by other noises.

This anti-bark collar uses progressive ultrasonic stimulus and shock stimulus for the quickest results. Each time your dog barks, he will receive ultrasonic and then mild shock if not stop. With each successive bark, both the shock and ultrasonic become a little more intense. This pattern progresses through several correction levels quickly teaching your dog to snuisance barking, it works quickly and won't traumatize or confuse your dog because it starts out with a mild stimulus which actually let your dog decide how much stimulus is enough to motivate a behavior change, thus keeping it humane. The anti-bark collar resets at the lowest levels after 30 seconds of non-barking. Our anti-bark collar is the only electric anti-bark collar that uses progressive ultrasonic plus progressive shock stimulus. It has been proven to be the most effective and humane way to train your dog to sun-necessary barking.

-This is the newest anti-bark collar with the most intelligent system;

-Passiontech BK208 dog perimeter shock collar anti-bark collar;

-The anti-bark collar is controlled by a microprocessor which distinguishes your dog s bark from other environmental noises and automatically delivers ultrasonic as warning and then static shock after each bark;

-Voice recognition feature minimizes false triggering;

- automatic ultrasonic is adjustable according to different dogs;

-The anti-bark collar effectively and humanely stops barking when it is worn on big dogs;

-Anti-bark collar length adjustable from 26 to 36cm. 


-An internal microphone picks up the sound and the unit is automatically activated;

-The anti-bark collar starts with emitting ultrasonic of 1 second as a warning at first bark;

-At the second bark the anti-bark collar emits ultrasonic of 2 second;

-From the third bark the anti-bark collar emits a 3 second ultrasonic and gives 2-3 seconds static shock;

-The dog should sbarking;

-If the dog barks within 1 minute after the first static shock., the anti-bark collar sends out a 3 second ultrasonic and 2-3 second of  static shock;

-If the dog stops barking, the anti-bark collar resets itself to the lowest level and repeats the first 3 steps;

-The shock levels can be adjusted with the delivered screwdriver.


- Please read the instruction carefully at first;

- The anti-bark collar is designed only for using on dogs Training;

- Allow your dog to get used to the anti-bark collar before training. Don't do it too hard for your dog;

- Make sure your dog is suitable for this training, and don't associate the anti-bark collar with punishment;

- DO NOT leave the anti-bark collar on your dog for more than 12 hours per day;

- NEVER perform set-up procedures when the anti-bark collar is on your dog;

- An anti-bark collar should only be used under close supervision by the dog's owner;


- Read all instructions in the manual before using this anti-bark collar, and make sure the dog is suitable for this enclosure.

A: The anti-bark collar offers humane, mild shock with ultrasonic, this allows the anti-bark collar to be used on dogs of various breeds and temperaments. Also you can consult your veterinarian or certified tranier for double check.
A: Yes. The training method offered by the anti-bark collar system are engineered and tested to ensure that they do not cause any injuries to dogs, but only a sense of discomfort(at varying degrees as determined by the user)  so that the train of thought or action sequence of the dog can be stopped or interrupted instantly.
A: An innovation team, great attention is paid to basic management, stable quality, we continuously improving pre-sale servies, sale and after-sale services, and enhancing the market competitiveness of our to win-win with you.
Quick Details
Product name Passiontech BK208 dog perimeter shock collar anti-bark collar
Self sleep Yes
Shock levels adjustable
Application Dogs
Brand Name Customized anti-bark collar
Certificate CE
Color Black or customized
Feature Sustainable, Stocked
Item Type Training Collars
Keyword dog perimeter shock collar
Material plastic
Model Number BK-208
Place of Origin Guangdong, China
Training Mode Ultrasonic and electric shock
Training Products Type Electronic Bark Control
Type Pet Training Products
Warranty One year
Waterproof Yes

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