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Product OEM

Contact our OEM expect team and determine the details.

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Bulk Purchase

Help us fill in your order form and settle down a bulk purchase order.


  • One-stop Purchase

    No matter how many kinds of products you purchase, we only make one delivery. It’s more efficiency and saving trouble for both side.

  • Logistics Tracking

    You can tracking down every logistic process of your order. And we will notice all key logistic points by email.

  • Special Customer Service

    Every order or delivery will assigned to one customer service who deal with all the works and issues and emergencies.

  • Shipment from Origin

    The benefit of Single batch from origin are the uniform quality and unified packaging and centralized delivery.

  • Accept Full Customization

    We have been working on customization services for 5 years, both size, specification, package and design are customizable,

  • Wholesale with Discount

    Every bulk orders account independently to ensure we are providing the best wholesale price.